Welcome to Trident Custom Sportswear

Where passion for sports and a deep understanding of the importance of teams drive us.

We know Aussie sports

As athletes who grew up playing sports in Australia, we have experienced firsthand the incredible sense of unity and joy that comes from being part of a team and a sports club. We believe in the power of team sports to bring communities together, foster personal growth, and create lifelong memories.

We are dedicated to supporting sports clubs and helping them thrive. We understand the challenges faced by clubs, from grassroots to senior levels, and we are here to make things easier for you. Our deicated account managers and simple order processes take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best: nurturing your team and building a strong community.

We believe that every club deserves high-quality teamwear that reflects their identity, without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer tiered discounts and even provide markup options to help clubs raise funds. We want to ensure that clubs of all sizes can access professional and stylish team apparel without compromising on quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to bring unity to sports clubs and communities. We want to create a sense of belonging and professionalism through our custom teamwear. When your team steps onto the field or court wearing our meticulously crafted designs, they represent more than just a club. They embody the spirit of teamwork, camaraderie, and dedication to the game.

With our complete customization options, you have the freedom to create teamwear that truly reflects your club’s identity. We bring your vision to life by incorporating your team colors, logos, and even sponsor logos. Every player feels a sense of pride with personalized touches, such as their name and playing number adorning the jerseys.

Our Values

At Trident CS, we live by our core values of teamwork, reliability, transparency, and honesty. We are not just a teamwear provider; we are your partners in success. We are here to support you at every step of the journey, from design consultation to delivery, ensuring your club receives exceptional service and products.

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